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I manually create 3 groups create the summary and value rows when pressing on a button for the last group.

Populating the valuerow with summaryrow data works about 80% of the time but it seems as if the first couple of rows don’t always get populated with data. I can press on my button several times and see some data, then not, then again etc etc. There is no clear sequence of what rows don’t get populated ?? It seems as if the data simply isn’t drawn since data even sometimes dissapears when I scroll up/down – This includes fixed text that I set in a cell in my valuerow only once. (Grid version 3.7)

I also tried creating a list of groups in valuechanged to ensure i don’t at some point override the group used in application_idle, that i run through in application_idle – still no use (This will obviously not help my fixed text in the valuecell that is set only once and also starts to randomly dissapear)

 Soooo what now ?

How about simply allowing text in a summaryrow ?

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