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Thanks for the reply.  I subscribed to ActivatingControl and DeactivatingControl, but they only fire when the ComboBox becomes active and deactive.  What happens is the user clicks the drop down button, first the SettingControlValue and ActivatingControl events fire, then the list of items in the ComboBox appears, the user chooses an item in the list, the list hides and the text box portion of the control shows the text of the selected item, but no other events have fired.  When the user moves focus away from that ComboBox, then the DeactivatingControl and GettingControlValue fire, but that’s too late for me.

For example of the behaviour I need, look at Visual Studio’s Properties window.  Add a control to a form in the form designer, then in the Properties window click the drop down button on the Dock property, then choose one of the dock options and you’ll see the effect of that selection is immediate on the control.  You don’t have to move focus from the property.



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