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When the GenerateReportForm is created, it parses the default built-in style sheets. The style sheet “Contemporary” uses the font “Lucida Sans”, which is not shipped with Windows. Most installations have this font because some software or other installs it but it’s not guaranteed.

We have modified the “Contemporary” StyleSheet to use the “Lucida Sans Unicode” font instead. This font is shipped with Windows XP and later and should therefore be found on all modern machines.

We ship the xml files of the default style sheets with the grid component. The style sheets are located here:

<Xceed Install>\Xceed Grid for .NET 3.7\Report StyleSheets

I have attached the file to this post.

Until we ship a new service release containing this fix, you can use these xml files and replace the old Contemporary.xml with the new one. Then, point GenerateReportForm to use them instead of the built-in versions. Like this:

using( GenerateReportForm form = new GenerateReportForm( grid, @”<Xceed Install>\Xceed Grid for .NET 3.7\Report StyleSheets” ) )
  generateReportForm.Icon = this.Icon;

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