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Sorry, I did a crappy job of naming the relationships.

They are as: Table1 to Table2 and Table1 to Table3

I changed the bindings to your first set of examples:

            LocalGrid.DataSource = LocalData.ReturnDataset.Tables(0)
            LocalGrid.DataMember = “”

            detail.DataSource = LocalData.ReturnDataset.Tables(0)
            detail.DataMember = “MasterBin_DetailBin”

            SubDetail.DataSource = LocalData.ReturnDataset.Tables(0)
            SubDetail.DataMember = “Master_SubDetailBin”

The data displays as it should but the timing is the same.  Virtually no time is consume in the binding of the detail grids but the call to EndInit Takes 12.5 seconds.  And as before if I remove the code to attach the detail grids the time drops to 90 miliseconds.


It appears to be directly linked to the number of rows in each of the datatable that the relationship is based on.  If I only add the first detail grid with approximately 1000 rows it takes about 2 seconds for the call to EndInit, but if I add only the second detail grid which has about 29,000 rows it take 9.8 seconds.  So it appears that even though I have it set to collapsed it still loads all the data and it takes a lot of time to do so.

 I was under the impression that setting it to collapsed that the data was not loaded, and it does appear to take a lot of time compared to laoding 30,000 records in just a master grid.  Any ideas???





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