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You can try to handle the SettingControlValue and GettingControlValue events of the CellEditorManager and CellViewerManager, so to parse the value and set it in the appropriate format as needed.  This should resolve the problem when the column becomes not editable.  Most likely, this due to an exception that is raised because the value sent to the editor form the cell (SettingControlValue) is not in the right format.

BTW, note that some exceptions are swallowed by the .NET framework and others by the grid.  To be noticed of all exceptions, set the debugger to break on all exception.  Go to Debug Menu -> Exceptions -> Common Language Runtime Exceptions, and select “Thrown” CheckBox.  Make sure the “Enable Just My Code” CheckBox is unselected (Tools Menu -> Options -> Debugging -> General).  By doing this, you should see the exception when the column becomes non editable.

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