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   Interesting, that mostly works. Its an interesting solution.  (Probably would be better than the paint event in most cases).

      However, their appears to be a bug in the Xceed grid somewhere — something is apparently causing the ValueChanged event to fire on the wrong row while scrolling.  It keeps wanting to like fire on 1 or 2 rows from the _end_ of the table.   So, my paging table loads page 1, then page 689, then page 1, 689, 1 ….  Then as I scroll it loads page 2, then page 689, then page 2, then 689, then page 2….  Causes some really bad performance…   The grid is virtual since I have something like 34440 records.  Each Page loaded in batches of 50. 

    If I’m tied to the OnPaint request I only see Page 1/2/3/4 in sequence (as expected); but if I tie onto the ValueChanged event, I see that last page trying to be loaded almost like it was trying to show that last row on every scroll down request.

 btw, my event is exactly like yours; it is

   if (cell.value > 0) { cell.ParentRow.Font = new Font(cell.ParentRow.Font, font.strikethrough) }

rather than the color.   






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