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I assume you are referring to the sample  “Create Reports” that is found in the Xceed Grid Live Explorer (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Xceed Components -> Our components in action! -> Xceed Grid for .NET Live Explorer)

You can add a SummaryRow in the FooterRows (or FixedFooterRows) of the GridControl, and set the SummaryCell of the corresponding Column you want to sum.

The user will not be able to add this at the report step, neither to change the calculation.  However, it is possible to do it in at the grid level itself, and then use it in the report.  You can even make the user set it up, then hide in the grid, but still show it up in the report (through setting the Visible property to false, and the ReportStyle.Visible property to true).

To do this, you can provide an interface like we do in the “Solid foundation” sample, where we do exactly that, add and remove rows on the fly, as the user checks or unchecks the different CheckBox.  The you could also provide a CheckBox for the Visible property.

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