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Like you wrote, the report styles of detail grids is specified with code. For example:

Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid detailGrid = new Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid();

detailGrid.Columns.Add( new Xceed.Grid.Column( “Value”, typeof( string ) ) );

this.gridControl1.DetailGridTemplates.Add( detailGrid );

detailGrid.ReportStyle.BackColor = Color.Pink;

detailGrid.Columns[ 0 ].ReportStyle.BackColor = Color.Blue;

and so forth.

The CustomizeReportStyleForm class that is supplied with the component is meant to be a starting point. It does not cover master-detail report style in a generic way because many of our clients use master-detail grids in very different ways. That made it impossible for us to find a common user-interface for them.

The full source code of both the GenerateReportForm and CustomizeReportStyleForm classes are provided with the component. You are free to modify them to provide a user-interface to specify report styles for your detail grids.

You will find the source code here :

C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Xceed Grid for .NET <version>


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