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Hi André,

(Please ignore my previous post)

This is my code:

    protected void AddGroupSummaryRow(Group group, string summaryRowTextFormat) {

        SummaryRow summaryRow = new SummaryRow();
        summaryRow.TextFormat = summaryRowTextFormat; // text: “Balance”
        summaryRow.ShowFixedColumnSplitter = ShowFixedColumnSplitter.WhenFixedColumnsExist;

        // we only want to summarize numeric columns
        foreach (SummaryCell summaryCell in summaryRow.Cells) {
            if (summaryCell.ParentColumn.DataType == typeof(int)) {
                summaryCell.StatFunction = Xceed.Grid.StatFunction.Sum;
                //summaryCell.TitleFormat = summaryRowTextFormat;
                //summaryCell.TitlePosition = TitlePosition.PreferablyRight;
            else {
                summaryCell.StatFunction = Xceed.Grid.StatFunction.None;

In my grid I have three columns that contain text (“Counterpart”, “Conctract” and “Deliverypoint”. These columns are fixed (to be able to see them always as I scroll horizontally). In addition I have columns for each day of the month (on day in each column). These columns have a statistical function in their corresponding SummaryCell of the SummaryRow on a group. To display a text on the SummaryRow of the group, I have originally used SummaryRow.TextFormat. This works well for displaying the text, but when I scroll to the right, the text disappears out of view. So I was looking for a way to fix the text similar to the way we can fix a column. If I set the SummaryCell.TitleFormat (as you suggested) instead of the SummaryRow.TextFormat, the text displays correctly, but still it disappears out of view when I scroll.

I tried to set the SummaryCell.TitleFormt explicitly for the columns that only contain text (since these columns are fixed), but the text is not displayed at all.

What I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Annette Skår

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