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Working with a customer on this, we may have found a problem, but since we do not reproduce it here, it is a bit difficult to be sure.  There may be a workaround for the issue, but we did not test it on our side.  However, it worked for the customer I mentioned.

Before closing the form containing the grid, set the CellEditorManager to null on the columns on which you have NOT set a CellEditorManager, and then call ResetCellEditorManager(). This way, the DEFAULT editor should be correctly released before the GC tries to clean it up, and it may prevent the exception.  If you delete a column without closing the grid, you can do the same, as you would likely have the same exception if you don’t.



“column1” ].CellEditorManager = null;


“column1” ].ResetCellEditorManager();


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