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Not certain if anyone did manage to replicate the error or not.  I had a look into the Inner Exception and found the error may have occurred during data type conversion from string to numeric.  Initially, I thought it was just my program that’s playing up.  Thus, I decided to hunt for a simple program from the website.  I added a button and a toolbar to the winform as usual.  I included the following codes in the click event on the tool and button:

            Dim mAllValid As Boolean = True  ‘Variable holding the validation result

            ‘ Completes the insertion row data entry

            If CType(Me.InsertionRow1, Xceed.Grid.InsertionRow).IsBeingEdited Then
                CType(Me.InsertionRow1, Xceed.Grid.InsertionRow).EndEdit()
            End If

            ‘ Hides the Insertion Row

            Me.InsertionRow1.Visible = False

            ‘Validates the current data row in modification and terminates edit mode.

            If TypeOf Me.GridControl1.CurrentRow Is Xceed.Grid.DataRow Then
                If CType(Me.GridControl1.CurrentRow, Xceed.Grid.DataRow).IsBeingEdited Then

                    ‘ The program failed on the following line
                    mAllValid = mAllValid And ValidationProvider1.Validate(CType(Me.GridControl1.CurrentRow, Xceed.Grid.DataRow), True, False)

                    If mAllValid Then CType(Me.GridControl1.CurrentRow, Xceed.Grid.DataRow).EndEdit()
                End If
            End If

            ‘ If data in grid passed all validation, the object gets saved.
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

The is very much the same as the code I used in my own proggy. After a few modifications in the data shown in the grid and a click of either the tool button or winbutton, the exact same error occurred.  Based on this, I could only guess that the problem may have been caused by the Validation Provider itself.  As to why it happens, I would have no idea at all. 

In my program, I am using this configuration as a lookup with one column holding a unique ID key (integer) and another description field with string datatype.  This should be the simplest configuration I could come up with for testing purposes. 

Hopefully, this may give you some more info on the exception.

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