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Extremely strange, actually. 

Are you using the standard Microsoft mouse driver or the something else?  What version of Windows with what service pack?  I would not be surprised if, due to some mouse settings, the data sent to the (Xceed) application were to vary depending on the context. 

If you can, you could perhaps use CamStudio (open source freeware) to record what is displayed on your monitor for a few seconds and then send the video to us at support@xceed.com so we have a least a “demo” of the problem. 

If I was you, I would investigate the Control Panel -> Mouse settings to make sure that the scroll button is not restricted to some particular contexts.  If you have a mouse application/driver/assistant that is loaded on startup, I would also verify this. 

The Grid for .NET doesn’t decide where a mouse is allowed to scroll.  If the mouse wheel do nothing when it should actually be doing something, it is almost certain that something (operation system settings, third party application settings) is preventing the scroll information from getting to the application.

Perhaps it could also be a good idea to observe how the mouse wheel behaves in other applications to try to understand what is happening. 

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