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i’m adding a row which will be used as a heading like this;
Dim MyRow4 As Xceed.Grid.DataRow = MyGrid.DataRows.AddNew()

MyRow4.Cells(0).Value = “Type”
MyRow4.Cells(1).Value = “Month”
MyRow4.Cells(2).Value = “Total MIF To Date”
MyRow4.Cells(3).Value = “% Growth”
MyRow4.Cells(4).Value = “Total Revenue”
MyRow4.Cells(5).Value = “% Growth”
MyRow4.Cells(6).Value = “Invoiced TDV”
MyRow4.Cells(7).Value = “% Growth”
MyRow4.Cells(8).Value = “AVG Invoiced TDV”
MyRow4.Cells(9).Value = “AVG C/Cost”
MyRow4.Height = 32
MyRow4.ReportStyle.RowHeight = 32
MyRow4.ReportStyle.RepeatOnEachPage = True

Then to print the grid I do this;
Dim PrintDoc As PrintDocument = MyReport.CreatePrintDocument

PrintDoc.PrinterSettings = printerSettings

Any ideas?…. I’ve only been using this grid for a few weeks so there is a good chance I’ve messed up somewhere ;o) however it does repeat ok… just this row height goesback to size 16 which is what the rest of the rows are set to.


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