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i’ve found a way, but the checkbox columns appear disabled, while the text columns not.
there is code that i’ve added after:

xgrdCondicionPago.Columns[“flag_por_defecto_documento”].CellViewerManager = new Xceed.Grid.Viewers.CheckBoxViewer();
xgrdCondicionPago.Columns[“flag_por_defecto_documento”].CellEditorManager = new Xceed.Grid.Editors.CheckBoxEditor();

btw, the select i’m using is : “select cp.id_condicion_pago, cp.descripcion, ” +
“convert(int, isnull(clicp.flag_por_defecto_documento, 0)) as flag_por_defecto_documento ” +
“from cliente_condicion_pago clicp ” +
“inner join condicion_pago cp ” +
“on clicp.cia=cp.cia ” +
“and clicp.id_condicion_pago=cp.id_condicion_pago ” +
“where clicp.cia=@sParamCia ” +
“and clicp.id_cliente=@sParamCliente “

where the third column is the checkbox column, and then database column “flag_por_defecto_documento” is varchar(1) (values 1, 0 and null).

how can i enable the checkbox colum? or am i doing something wrong? thanks.

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