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Excellent Excellent reply as usual, Charles. This makes perfect sense.

Of course the fact that ImageViewer inherits from CellViewerManager but then suppresses the base class’s SetControlValueCore method is unusual but understandable. You might want to mention this in your documentation. I don’t see this mentioned anywhere.

As a workaround, I am “manually” calling a SetValue function from my Paint call.

AH — you state that If I want SetControlValueCore to be called I need to [use a CellViewerManager class]. I tried that. When I changed my ImageViewer to a CellViewerManager, then my GetImageCore() wasn’t called. [Because, of course, if I wanted GetImageCore() to be called, then I would need an ImageViewer class.] This is Catch-22.

I need a class that calls BOTH GetImageCore() and SetControlValueCore(). I don’t think Xceed has one of those. So for now, my GetImageCore() will set the cell value AND return an image.

If you know of a class that calls both methods, please let me know. Thanks!

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