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Thanks charles for your code.

I need the code the other way round i.e., I want to pass a GridControl object, or Datarows object or Datasource object to a DLL. And then get the values from the GridControl, Datarows or Datasource and pass it back to QTP.

I am facing problem in QTP. QTP is not able to recognise Xceed Grid as a Grid. Hence I am passing it as a OBJECT to a DLL file and the get the values from DLL.

Is it possible for you to give me the C# code which gets the values from grid which is passed as a object ?

Also do you know how I can access this .net dll in QTP and the code in QTP ?
I am using DOTnetFactory.CreateInstance command in QTP to access the dll.

Please let me know.
Thanks for your prompt reply.


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