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You can directly subscribe to the GroupAdded event and override the TitleFormat to change to custom text.

<a href=”http://doc.xceedsoft.com/products/Xceedgrid/Xceed.Grid~Xceed.Grid.GroupManagerRow~TitleFormat.html”>GroupManagerRow’s Title Format</a>

Here is a little snippet that can get you started:


private void Form1_Load( object sender, EventArgs e )
gridControl1.GroupAdded += new Xceed.Grid.GroupAddedEventHandler( gridControl1_GroupAdded );

void gridControl1_GroupAdded( object sender, Xceed.Grid.GroupAddedEventArgs e )
foreach(GroupManagerRow row in e.Group.HeaderRows)
row.TitleFormat = “Task : Meeting – Total Effort : %SUM:EffortColumn%”;

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