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I tried reproducing the error and I was not able.

I was able to change the alignment of the cells from the columnManagerRow with 2 different approachs.

First, through the columnManagerRow that is created when you drop the gridControl on the Form:

columnManagerRow1.Cells(5).HorizontalAlignment = Xceed.Grid.HorizontalAlignment.Right
columnManagerRow1.Cells(4).HorizontalAlignment = Xceed.Grid.HorizontalAlignment.Left

Second, through the FixedHeaderRows collection, the columnManagerRow being the second FixedHeaderRow:

DirectCast(gridControl1.FixedHeaderRows(1), ColumnManagerRow).Cells(5).HorizontalAlignment = Xceed.Grid.HorizontalAlignment.Right
DirectCast(gridControl1.FixedHeaderRows(1), ColumnManagerRow).Cells(4).HorizontalAlignment = Xceed.Grid.HorizontalAlignment.Left

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