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Well, I clarified it a bit.

I took the SolidFoundation sample app and added 100 extra columns and 2000 additional rows.

When gridControl1.ReportSettings.ColumnLayout = Reporting.ColumnLayout.FitToPage then your life is good and you have no problems.

When gridControl1.ReportSettings.ColumnLayout = Reporting.ColumnLayout.SpanAcrossPages then your life is not so good and you end up getting an infinite number of pages being rendered. I saw the Infinite Pages bug but if I read it correctly the bug only applies ot cases where a colulnn exceeds the width of a page.

Aditionally, if you are set to SpanAcrossPages *AND* you set ReportStyleSheet.PageFooter.CenterElement.TextFormat to “Page %PAGE% of %TOTALPAGES%” then the print preview will lock up entirely. It appears to be the TOTALPAGES thing that is the key thing. Maybe its related to calculating total pages on documents that span across pages?

I zipped the modified SolidFoundation project and mailed it to the support address.


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