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I could generate the columns using the designer, then copy the code over into a function that i call after InitializeComponents get called. I agree 100% with that ….

But then i lose the advantages of handling these in the designer. The visual feedback that helps visually design without recompiling. Like setting rows width, changing column title, changing format. Setting a property that was not initially set when i first configured the columns is more tedious than just finding where i change it. Since a ComboBoxEditor contains a WinCombobox, which contains a ComboBoxTemplate ( i might have some classnames wrong but should be close). Where exactly should i set the title of my column, hmmmm .. both the WinComboBox and ComboBoxTemplate allow me to set it, but if i dont have the designer to set it, i will make mistakes for sure.

What options do i have? .. create a new project, put a grid, bind it, set the property i need, check InitializeComponent code, find the right property then copy over.

Sounds pretty tedious. Lost of work for something that would be not so hard to give as an option available at design time.

As a programmer, here’s how i see it:

-Remove attribute that hides the property from the designer.
-Surround code that re-binds grid with :
if (AutoCreateColumns) { <original code> }

it could be a little more, but i would be surprised if it took more that 10 lines of code and 30 mins to change that behavior. And i dont see how that would affect product quality other then give it value.

Anyway, enough ranting. I will wait and see.

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