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I figured i should explain why it is so important to us.

I am creating our own Business Objects into a separate library. This library is currently in development so if i find something missing, i’m recompiling it. When i do so, the library is refreshed for the form project i have, which usually leads to columns being created again. In fact, i just need to build with the designer opened and columns get created again.

It would probably be less of a pain if you were able to keep the columns for each property that didnt change on the datasource. That datasource is a BindingSource which has for DataSource one of my business objects.

Also, i have status fields, for example, as Shipping Order object contains items. I have read-only properties like Order.IsNew, Order.IsComplete, Order.IsShipped etc. And while i create forms, i find other status fields i need to add. Did i mention that columns get created over and over and again and again ?

How would you like to have to retype parts of a Word Document just because a new font was added to your system ? Well, that’s how i feel.

With the hope that you understand better why this feature is important to me.

Thank you.

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