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Thank you for the time you take to reply.

I will have to live without multi-level binding, i can accept this.

Autogenerate columns should really have a designer bool that makes it optional. It may not look important to users that work directly with databases. But when your source is a business object coming from a library and you make a small change to that library, the grid gets rebounded. This is really annoying to have to put column sizes back to 0, then reorder my columns etc etc … for every change to my library. And is it going to re-generate when i load the project too ?

Your grid looks nice, is flexible and all but seems to have low support for n-tier design. n-tier should not depend on DataTables, or DataSets or DataAdapters (althought i might be wrong here).

Regarding Autosizing, i might try your way. Its probably even easier if i subclass the grid right ?

Regarding the FixedColumnSplitter and the RowSelector. Why u keep them visible at design time when i set their visible property to false ?

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