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First, let me apologize for the negative aspect of the post. I know deception comes from expectations, and i probably had too high expectations.

Ok, you’ve cleared a few things, i’ve removed the grouping header which i dont need for my first use of the grid. I still cant get rid of the Fix handle (low priority) and the Row selector. Anything i could do for these ?

Why should the grid re-create the columns at bind time ? How about an option for this like done with .net 2.0 DataViewGrid … autogenerate=true/false. Usage scenario: i bind my source with autogenerate set to true. Once i have the columns i wanted, i set autogenerate to false, unless i’m missing some important information.

I could probably handle the grid’s autosized columns in an event. Not sure which one thought. Any hint would be appreciated. I still think that this would be a very nice feature to have.

Oh, i love the SourceObject property of DataRow .. nice !!!

Could anyone tell me if Xceed plans to support multi-level binding for objects ? (i.e: Customer.Address.City) where Customer is my bound object, Address is a class instance containing full address, and City is a value (string in this case).

Thx for the quick reply.

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