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Odi [Xceed]
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I’m not sure I follow you — it seems like the world has been turned upside down 🙂 … We’re the only grid that is truly WYSIWYG at design-time. Unlike any other Windows Forms DataGrid, you can actually just click on the Grouping header (or other objects such as cells, the column header, the rows you have added, etc.), it becomes selected, and then you just hit the Delete key and it is gone from design-time and run-time.

Other grids don’t do this – you have to go into a configuration dialog box and find the option to disable the grouping header or other object. And you don’t see much at design-time, to understand how your grid will look when you hit F5. On other grids, the entire design-time surface is one single object, you can’t click on each sub-section (group header, row selector, cells, columns, fotter rows, etc.) and edit its properties directly in the Visual Studio property editor box like you can with Xceed Grid for .NET.

I see what you mean though about deleting columns – it works, but they are recreated (when data bound) the next time you reload your project.

I think someone else will address your other points.


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