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The summary row is limited to showing mathematical results (with labels in the next cell)
The Value Row can show complex values and populated formulas like a range of Min-Max. Getting the string result like “Min-Max” is easy, but I can’t display it with a summary cell. With a summary cell, I can only show the min or the max, not both.
That’s where the Value Row comes into play.

…..Unless I’ve completely missed something, which is also an option.

As for the non-summaried question;
I’m still working on it, but since the grid will rarely change, using the application.idle event doesn’t seem like a good option.

I have a calculation routine in place right now but it uses the Summary Row. I think once I break that down and calculate that myself, I’ll have it resolved. The problem only comes into play when I add \ remove groups during run-time, that in turn add \ remove summary rows and value rows.

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