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You can set the IdleValue property on the InsertionCell, and use it to set the value of the new DataRow if the user has not set it explicitly.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
//set the default value in the InsertionCell
( ( InsertionCell )insertionRow1.Cells[ 1 ] ).IdleValue = “other company”;
gridControl1.AddingDataRow += new AddingDataRowEventHandler( gridControl1_AddingDataRow );

void gridControl1_AddingDataRow( object sender, AddingDataRowEventArgs e )
//use the idle value to set the value of the corresponding cell of the DataRow
e.DataRow.Cells[ 1 ].Value = ( ( InsertionCell )insertionRow1.Cells[ 1 ] ).IdleValue;

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