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The only solution I see to this is to create a new form with a new unbound grid, that you will layout vertically as you want.

You can look at the Rich Cell editors sample that you find in the Xceed Grid Live Explorer (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Xceed Components -> Our components in action! -> Xceed Grid Live Explorer). The purpose of this sample is to show how to use different editors in the gird, but it reproduces what you want to accomplish, and it shows how to set up different editors in the same column, which would be the case in your scenario.

You will find the code here (VS2005 is in neighbor folder) :

C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Xceed Grid for .NET <version>\Samples\VS.NET 2003\CSharp\RichCellEditor

Under Vista, it will be here :

C:\Xceed Component Samples\Xceed Grid for .NET <version>\Samples\CSharp\RichCellEditor

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