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This is possible only if you derive from the GroupManagerRow class, and provide your own GroupManagerRow, in which you will not draw the expansion icon.
<a href=”http://www.xceedsoft.com/cs/download/XceedGrid/CSharp/CS2003_GRD_CustGroupManagerRow.zip”>Here</a&gt; is a sample application that demonstrate how to override the GroupManagerRow, and how to move the icon. You can simply comment the following line so the icon is not drawn :

this.Theme.PaintGroup( e.Graphics, m_buttonRectangle, groupUIState, 1 );

You will also need to modify the OnClick event override, so not to respond to the click. There is also the DoubleClick event you may want to override, since the DoubleClick on the regular GroupManagerRow expends/collapses the group.

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