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Thanks AndreC for the solution, but i got another solution yesterday by myself. In code i was making the same changes on the cell in the datasource associated to the grid and if i remove that code all works fine and everythings gets updated. In LeavingEdit i clear the grid to refresh changes but that is not needed anymore.

In this case the problem appeared editing one cell of the grid but i got the same error message when i refresh another grid in a timer event, with the only code to clear and update the grid, when no editing occurs, with the only user interaction of mouse cliks in grid rows. I suppose that the click event stays “unproccesed” by Windows when the timer event fires and when it clears the grid, the click event executes and found no rows in the grid.

Two things about your code. I don’t understand why i need to reasign the grid datasource in LeavingEdit event, and a question, selecting the current row in the Idle Event, as the process must wait until reaching that state, couldn’t be visually slow?

Many thanks for your help.

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