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Here is the corresponding code in VB.NET. Note however that there is bug in the present version of the grid (3.6.7204.19000) which makes this code not work. The bug is already fixed, but it will be available only in version 3.6.7213.0 and up, which will part of the next installation package to be available <a href=”http://xceed.com/pages/TopMenu/Downloads/Updates.aspx?Lang=EN-CA”>here</a&gt;.
Dim cell As Cell
For Each cell In dataRowTemplate1.Cells
AddHandler cell.ValueChanged, AddressOf Me.Cell_ValueChanged
Next cell

Private Sub Cell_ValueChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

Dim cell As DataCell = CType(sender, DataCell)
If Not (cell Is Nothing) Then
cell.ForeColor = Color.Red
cell.BackColor = Color.Blue
End If

End Sub

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