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The extensibility example is pretty basic functionality and would require quite a bit of enhancement to meet todays user expectations (IMO). The minimum set of filtering features I would expect from a canned grid are:
* Control the availability of filtering for each column (i.e., ID columns with unique values don’t benefit from filtering)
* Multiple filter presets (All, Blank, Non-Blank) in addition to the unique values
* Drop-down and drop-down list styles (type with auto-complete vs. pick from fixed list)
* Clear all filters feature

I’ve been using the 45-day trial of Xceed Grid.NET and I can say so far the Xceed controls seem more intuitive to implement and they don’t slow down VS.NET as much (not to mention the end product) as compared to the Infragistics products. While I havew the skills to write the above features on my own I’m left with having to weigh the time to extend the Xceed grid against the additional cost of NetAdvantage.

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