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Hello again XcEED —

*** Important note for this possible example ***

In this unusual ( in my opinion) example, I should correct myself in expressing that the horizontal factor of the grid should be changed to “70 grid spaces wide” in the transparent grid that is superimposed over the music staff canvas bitmap, because I did not leave room for the fact that in traditional graphical representation of western based diatonic music theory, there are graphic ornamentations that serve to properly organize sets of musical representations on paper, for a better organized standard of musical readability.

In a rare example of graphically representing 64th notes, continuously throughout 1 (one) bar of music in 4/4 beats per measure, having only 64 grid squares would look, for lack of a better word, goofy.

By implementing “70 grid squares”, horizontally, there leaves room for graphical representation of using “musical ties” that would enable better readability of the graphically represented use of continuous 64th notes in one bar of, graphically represented music durations; one set of four 64th notes + graphical music tie + one set of four 64th notes = 1 beat of music in a 4/4 (four beats per measure) scenario; “16” 64th note durations X’s 4 = 64 + 6 grid spaces to draw musical ties = 70 grid spaces wide (horizontally) – to fully compensate for a more readable representation, based upon accepted standardization, of continuous use of 64th note durations throughout ONE 4/4 beat per measure scenario.


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