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What I described applies to a list, not to a DataSet.  If you design two DataTable, then you can simply add a relationship between the two table on a common field, and the grid will be able to show the hierarchical data.

e.g.:  Assume two data tables, Supplier (master) and Product (detail), and a relationship between the two on the SupplierID field called “SupplierProduct”.  Assume a DataSet build form those tables called SPDataSet.

Master.SetDataBinding( SPDataSet.Supplier, “” );

Detail.SetDataBinding( SPDataSet.Supplier, “SupplierProduct” );

Here is more information from our help documentation :



The problem is it is very slow.  I read on another post to set add detailGrid to collapsed (and it is what I want) and to bind the opened detail grid only when the event CollapsedChanged is fired.  I have acheived with unbound detail grid but I didn’t succeded with bounded detail grid.


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