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i have one question about type of collection to use in such kind of master-detail grids.
In my application i use collection TradersList inherited from BindingList<TraderSO>
TraderSO have property DetailsSymbol, which is SymbolList collection inherited from BindingList<SymbolSO>
TradersList and SymbolList implements ITypedList interface

in application i set binding use following code
TSO = new TradersList();
gridTSO.SetDataBinding(TSO, “”);
detailGridTSO_S.SetDataBinding(null, “DetailsSymbol”);

when application run i can’t access to columns of detail grid and when i add new row to detail collection, grid does not show it (i must UpdateDetailsGrid method to show it)

Can you give me advise how to solve this problem?
Or maybe i am wrong with collections i use?

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