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“I tried this, but when I hit enter the newly entered row disappears, it is not added as a datarow. “

We do not reproduce this behavior here, that is, if I use a DataSet which has not been filled, I can add a new DataRow through an InsertionRow with no problem. If this is not working for you, is it possible that some constrains in the DB makes the changes to be rejected? It could explain why it does not work in the second scenario.

To find out if this is the case, and you may already be set up properly, you need to make sure the debugger is set to break on all exceptions (Debug Menu -> Exceptions -> Common Language Runtime Exception, then select “Break into the debugger” radio button in VS2003, or select “Thrown” CheckBox in VS2005).

If you are in VS2005, make sure the “Enable Just My Code” CheckBox is unselected (Tools Menu -> Options -> Debugging -> General).

This will make sure that no exceptions are swallowed by the grid, and that the debugger will break in any part of the code, not just yours.

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