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I solved my problem. I’ve posted for your knowledgebase.

To Group:

For Each group As Xceed.Grid.Group In MyXceedGrid.Groups
group.ReportStyle.KeepTogether = True
Next group

For reporting only checked “Select” checkboxes that are unbound to the underlying grid:

For Each dataRow As Xceed.Grid.DataRow In MyXceedGrid.DataRows
If True.Equals(dataRow.Cells(“Select”).Value) Then
dataRow.ReportStyle.Visible = True
dataRow.ReportStyle.Visible = False
End If
Next dataRow

For reporting filtered records, this is unnecessary because the user will use the checkboxes to select the records he/she wants. Filtering just gives him/her a faster way to view a subset of data, especially when the database is large.

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