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Hi Tommy,

Using custom grouping instead of setting the Visible property of each unwanted dataRow is a neat trick to gain performance when filtering.

However, the groupByRow’s built-in behavior is a mixed-blessing in this situation. There is no way to prevent the custom group from showing up in the GroupByRow or to prevent user-interaction on this precise group.

The only two solutions I can think of are either disabling user-interactive grouping modification, by setting the GroupByRow’s AllowGroupingModification property to False, or, if performance is less of an issue in your scenario, to filter dataRows using the Visible property to False on the unwanted dataRows.

If you are interested in the second option, refer to the “extensibility” sample of the Xceed Grid Live Explorer sample. It shows how to create a dynamic FilterRow that plays around with the visible property of rows to filter data.

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