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First, the EditLeft event on the cell may be more suitable for your needs. That is, at the time of this event, the new value IS committed to the cell, thus you would not need to assign the new value to cell, and entering and leaving the edit mode.

Second, you are using the cell template in the event handler(celldataRowTemplate1QuantityOnOrder), instead of the actual cell being edited. Use the sender to get the cell itself, by casting it to a DataCell (if you need the cell).


CType( sender, Xceed.Grid.DataCell )
( ( Xceed.Grid.DataCell )sender);

Third, you should have no problem looping through your DataRows in the handler. If using the EditLeft event does not solve your problem, I suggest you send a sample application reproducing your issue to <a href=”mailto:support@xceedsoft.com”>support</a>, so we can investigate this further.

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