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Hi André,

Thank you for your reply. This certainly gets me something to go with. I hoped there was some internal functionality to do the column with calculations, but it is no problem to add it manually.

The “AllowColumnReorder” works perfectly.

Then I have just one other thing I have run into – when setting the grid selection type to “One” or “Multiple”, then I get exceptions when removing or clearing the guid – genereally, if one row is selected, and I delete this, I get an exception – if I select another row before removing it, I don’t get this exception.

It looks as though the guid requires to always have atleast one row selected – which also means I can’t clear the grid, or delete the last row – there is no other rows to select, and then the exception comes up.

Is there any way to solve this? If I do a gridObject.DataRows.Clear(), I get this exception, even though I previously called gridObject.SelectedRows.Clear().



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