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Thanks, that gets me most of the way there, but I still don’t quite “get” cell editing.

Using this suggested code, I can set various properties of the Windows’ ComboBox control, such as

                comboBox.AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.SuggestAppend;

I also want to be able to respond to the ComboBox’s SelectionChangeCommitted event. When the event handler fires for this, the ComboBox control is passed in as the sender, which allows me to determine which value the user selected in the ComboBox. But I can’t figure out how to tell which cell is being edited. Is there some way to determine which cell the current cell editor is in?

I had tried an alternate method, where I set the Activating/DeactivatingControl event handler of the CellEditorManager, but these events allow me to specify an action only when the edit control’s text is changed AND THEN it loses focus. This is a very awkward user interface; I really want the code to respond when the user selects/changes a value in the combo box and not have to wait until the user clicks on some other screen object. Am I missing something here?

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