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I can’t perform

When I used help which you voice, Value Return = Value in detail Grid chile cua Master Grid

Examples: CSDL consit 2 Table

+id_cay_tthc: Primarykey

+ ten_tthc

1 record in Table1 Relationship with n record in Table 2
n id_cay_tthc in Table1 Relationship with 1 id_parent in Table1

After I build Tree:
. Record 1 in Table 2
. Record 2 in Table 2

When I change data in detail Grid consit list Record 1,..n in Table2. Now, i want save changed

I can’t Return Value list in detail Grid
Help me!

If use help i can Return Value list in detail Grid ( Value in node C, D, E, F)
But I want Return Value Record1,…Record n in Detail Grid

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