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Interesting. I’m trying to get a column image working for all columns in design mode. All I’m doing is setting the BackgroundImage to an image resource as well as setting it to stretch in the Column Manager. I then have code that binds the data to the grid and NO IMAGE. I can easily set the BackColor in the designer and that is fine. However, I can not get an image to appear. Is there any constraints as to the type or size of the image? I’m using a very small (1k) JPEG that I want to stretch. Basically it is to give the illusion of a Gradient.

Come to think of it… is there an easier way to do this? I’m trying to come up with a Vista style grid and would love to know the easiest way to do so… I’ve looked into the StyleSheet example but in no way does it go over how to create your own, or best practices…

– jv

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