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This should work fine, except that there is something a bit awkward in your code. If ConnectorGrid is your GridControl, ConnectorGrid.columnManagerRowX should not compile, since the only way to access the ColumnManagerRow through the GridControl is through the FixedHeaderRows collection, or, of course through the ColumnManagerRow instance itself.

e.g. :

//Through the GridControl
//the index in the FixedHeaderRows will depend on the other rows it may contain, like a GroupByRow
( ( ColumnManagerRow ) gridControl1.FixedHeaderRows[ 1 ]).Cells[ 0 ].BackgroundImage = new Bitmap( @”D:\Test.ico” );
( ( ColumnManagerRow ) gridControl1.FixedHeaderRows[ 1 ]).Cells[ 0 ].BackgroundImageAlignment = ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft;

//Through the instance itself
columnManagerRow1.Cells[ 0 ].BackgroundImage = new Bitmap( @”D:\Test.ico” );
columnManagerRow1.Cells[ 0 ].BackgroundImageAlignment = ContentAlignment.MiddleLeft;

What do you mean by “avoid custom painting”?

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