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I’m not sure I understand. Lets say my first four columns are named “Subject1”, “Subject2”, “Subject3” and “Subject4”. The rest of the columns are called “Attribute1” – “Attribute30”. This means there are 34 columns in my grid.

If the user groups by two of the subject columns, by dragging for instance the “Subject2” and “Subject3” columns onto the GroupByRow this will be showed in the GroupByRow as two connected squares. This is very nice. But if the user now scrolls far to the right, these two “squares” in the GroupByRow will disappear from sight. I want them to remain so that there always is visual evidence of the current grouping even if the user scrolls to the right.

Is there any way to achieve this? You speak of the GroupManagerRow – am I missing some good way of accomplishing this using the GroupManagerRow instead of the GroupByRow??

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