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I was able to work through this one and get it working.
I had been trying to use the GridEditor to select the check box because I could see that my OnClick override was working properly. Instead, to get it working, all I needed to do was cycle through each datarow in my grid – and then check for null (not DBNull.Value) on the particular column before determining if it was true or false.

Here’s the method:

private void SelectAllRows() {
int selIndx;
foreach(Xceed.Grid.DataRow dRow in gridWorkList.DataRows) {
selIndx = dRow.Cells.IndexOf(“Sel”);
if(dRow.Cells[selIndx].Value == null || Convert.ToBoolean(dRow.Cells[selIndx].Value) == false) {
dRow.Cells[selIndx].Value = true;

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