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I’ve got the same problem, see code below…

Dim ds As System.Data.DataSet = pageView.Runtime.DataSet
Dim table As String = pageView.Table.Name
Dim strTemp As String = “”
Dim intTemp As Integer
Dim details As DetailGrid


objForm.XceedGridControl.SetDataBinding(ds, table)

‘ Bind any pageview children
If pageView.Child IsNot Nothing Then
‘ Add the child pageviews
details = New DetailGrid
details.SetDataBinding(pageView.Child.Runtime.DataSet, pageView.Child.Table.Name)
details.HeaderRows.Add(New ColumnManagerRow())
End If


If pageView.Child IsNot Nothing Then
For Each df As DisplayField In pageView.Child.Fields
‘ Styling
intTemp = objForm.XceedGridControl.DetailGridTemplates.Item(0).Columns.df.DataField).GetFittedWidth
objForm.XceedGridControl.DetailGridTemplates.Item(0).Columns(df.DataField).ReportStyle.Width = CInt(intTemp + (intTemp / 10))

End If


The columns seem to size only by the columns headerrow rather than the contents of the each of the cells in the columns. Any ideas?

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