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The best way to accomplish this is to add an unbound column, which you set the data type to bitmap, and then use this column to display the icon, while hiding the bound column. You can have a set of icons in your project folder, and you simply access these at runtime, in the AddingDataRow event.

So in the form_load you would do something like this :

gridControl1.AddingDataRow += new AddingDataRowEventHandler(gridControl1_AddingDataRow);
gridControl1.Columns[ “Discontinued” ].Visible = false;

In the event handler, do something like this :

private void gridControl1_AddingDataRow(object sender, AddingDataRowEventArgs e)
Bitmap icon;
if( ( bool )e.DataRow.Cells[ “Discontinued” ].Value == false )
icon = new Bitmap( Application.StartupPath + @”\Uncheck.ico” );
icon = new Bitmap( Application.StartupPath + @”\Check.ico” );
e.DataRow.Cells[ “column1” ].Value = icon;

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