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Has ANYONE got the drag and drop to work using the hidden sort column? I have the drag and drop functionality working, but using the hidden column in order to index the rows is not working. I was told from Xceed support to:

When you want to insert a row at a specific index, set the row’s hidden cell’s value to the position and increase the other rows’ cells value by 1.

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes it works for the first drag and drop, but when I try to drag and drop another row, it’s like it’s confused and the values in the sort column get all screwed up. If anyone has this working please post your working code in here for those of us stuck with trying to implement this feature which one would think should already be part of the control.

Why can’t you set the .Index property of the grid control? Why is it read-only?

For the next release why don’t you either implement an easier way to drag and drop rows, like you have done for columns…that is built in and works fine. Why don’t you make the grid handle row drag and drop? Or allow us to at least set the row’s index property.



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