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Odi [Xceed]
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Artmic, I believe I have lots of great news for you.

>>2) I would love to have the master and Detail grids columns cellViewer exposed, so that the user can select what viewer will be used, for instance, they can select an “ImageViewer” for table fields that hold jpg/bmp images. ( I know it can be done in the code somehow, and even probably for the detail grid, but when you want to do the maxium amount of work, during 8 hours, every little shortcut helps)

This is implemented in the upcoming v3.0, and in fact you can do so separately for the Cell Viewer and also the Cell Editor.

>>3) Summary Value rows, auto-calc sum/avg/min/max [..]

This is also implemented in the upcoming v3.0.

>>1) The thing i’d love to see in the visual designer is a way to remove an ID column from a master or detail grid visually without doing any code… right now i select remove a column, and it puts a red slash across the column, but it is still there when i run the software,… (most likely i have to delete the column in the code)

At design time, the technique to use, because we need to keep the column there, is rather to set the column to Invisible. An ID column still has to be there no matter what – but won’t setting it invisible do the trick for you?


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