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Yes i’m sure there are lots of things you can do in code, 🙂 The reason for getting this grid is to save time on development, not only its features.

Actually if you have a massive project, the visual designer is a bonus, one less grid to worry about configuring, and one less thing to worry about in terms of debugging.

Now if you have a company of 200 programmers, then that is meaningless, but if you have 2-3 developers, speed counts, and if you can do something in 2 minute instead of 30 min, multiplied by 100 grids in a project, we are talking about 200 minutes of work vs 3,000 minutes, that is a big time saving for me.

So yeah, for a student or person without deadlines, i’m sure doing everything in code is cool, they might as well go back to assembler.

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